Exit Paper; One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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In the recently read novel by Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, there were many points about society that were judged. The way authority uses its control, as well as the way people react to those rules makes us all question; are they fair, or are they not fair? Are they truly out to make you a better person, or are those rules there to dictate you? Themes presented in this novel include; the Relationships between People v Authority Figures, The Process of Controlling Human Behaviors, and Societies Role on People’s Lives. The character of McMurphy represents the people of society that the government doesn’t want. He fights against all authority, he doesn’t follow the rules, and he goes his own way and does whatever he pleases. He will not be pressured and scared into anything, so there is always an unspoken war against him and authority. The clash between McMurphy and Mrs. Ratched really represents those who control society and those who don’t follow their orders. McMurphy stands up for the patients on the ward and sets the example that they have a right to ask the question, why. There are many ways of controlling those you want kept in a certain formation, Ms. Ratched’s way is by using scare tactics. She uses all types of ways to get the patients on the ward to believe that she is helping them, and sets up strict regulations for their own good. When she caught Billy Bibbit in the room with one of McMurphy’s girls, she threatened him by talking about telling his mother. Knowing that his mother is the root of his stutter and insecurities, she scared him back into the obedient patient he was before McMurphy came to the ward. Those in the position of authorization and control shape the lives of everyone. They bring down those like McMurphy as soon as possible so that no one begins to share his opinions and ideas. Society literally puts you where ever they
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