One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Nurse Ratchet’s In One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, In Ken Kesey's novel 1962, Nurse Ratched took away the freedom of the patients physically, mentally, and spiritually. This one of the big themes in the novel, is the Big Nurse, Nurse Ratchet’s bondage of the patients. Bondage means that to take away freedom or to make submissive by gaining control of someone or something by the use of manipulation or force. In Nurse Ratchet emasculates the patients repeatedly, by her various control issues. Before McMurphy is committed to a mental hospital, Nurse Ratchet ran a submissive ward and did not have much trouble with anyone. The patients had seen her as an angel. It is demonstrated when Harding is conversing with McMurphy about his angle of mercy.“Our dear Miss Ratched? Our sweet, smiling, and tender angel of mercy, Mother Ratched, a ball cutter? Why, friend, that’s most unlikely.” (Kesey, p.54,55) With this type of thinking throughout the novel, that the patients were misguided with what they lack in their lives. By Miss Ratched’s manipulation. When McMurphy comes in the ward with his bolstering personality and laugh, and it instantly breaks up the monotony of the ward.With the Novel progresses. Then McMurphy challenges the Big Nurse to break her down and get under her skin, give the patients their manhood back. Then the guys they need to go into the world since they are an only volunteer and not committed as he is. The Big Nurse’s infatuation with control thoroughly explains her as being the face of the Combine. Although she is the face of the Combine, because she is excellent at getting people to do what she wants using force and coercing people with her fake mothers like mentality and false charm; she has her agenda. Nurse Ratched not only emasculates the patients but also can manipulate the doctors too. Then the staff into doing and
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