One Flew Over The Cuckoo’S Nest Mcmurphy Vs. Nurse Ratched

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McMurphy Vs. Nurse Ratched In the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nestby Ken Kesey, the author explores a motif of power. The head of the ward, Nurse Ratched, holds a tyrannical rule over all of the patients. She has the authority and possesses the power to control the patients. She controls the patients through fear, the schedule of the ward,and medical technology. One of the patients, McMurphy, does not conform to the way Nurse Ratched is running the ward and decides to challenge her authority. McMurphy desires to overturn the senseless and dehumanizing routines of the ward. However, McMurphy will be defeated and Nurse Ratched will win. By wining, Nurse Ratched will completely disperse McMurphy of his sanity and turn him into either a chronic or a vegetable. Nurse Ratched is perceived as a higher level of authority by all the patients. She has a great deal of power because most of the patients conform to the hospitals standards. One controlling factor Nurse Ratcheduses is the schedule. This is a precise monotonous schedule in which the patients must obey. Through the schedule Nurse Ratched is able to keep order around the ward, knowing exactly where the patients are and what they are doing at every given time. Nurse Ratched is also able to manipulate the patients by rewarding themwith extra sleeping hours in return for spying on one another and writing things in the log book. Nurse Ratchedalso uses guilt to control the patients. In the group meetings, Nurse Ratched exposes the patient’s personal files and reads them

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