One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest: Misogyny.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Misogyny. It is easy to see the misogyny within the pages of Kesey’s classic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”; every woman bar one within the book is portrayed to be either a whore, a “ball-breaker” or a manipulative devious controller whose lives revolve around only being happy when controlling the lives of the men around them. There is only one character that could be seen as a normal woman who takes care of the men around her rather than attempting to control them in one way or another. Evidence of the controlling women and ball breakers can be found within the roles of Nurse Ratched, Mrs Bibbit, Chief Broom’s mother and Harding’s wife. Nurse Ratched is an ex army nurse who wants things her way and if they aren’t she will do whatever she can to get them to, her power is challenged by McMurphy when he arrives on the ward; she is used to dealing with and controlling very insecure and submissive men and isn’t used to someone of McMurphy’s character. It is amusing to see the banter fly back and forth between her and Mack, watching as he attempts to overthrow her regime and make her loose control, he achieves this on several occasions but sadly in the end her power overcomes his own; It is surmise able that she herself looses in the end due to the fact that most of her patients decide to leave, Chief Broom escapes and Billy Bibbit kills himself due to her directly threatening him to such a point that he takes his own life. Mrs Bibbit may well deserve to be in an institution similar to her son and it is perfectly obvious to many if not all that there is nothing wrong with Billy himself other than a perfectly acceptable stutter. His mother belittles him to such an extent that his mind does not work in the same way as an adult. Chief remembers seeing him in the past with his head laid in her lap in much the same way as an infant or

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