One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

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The society in which we live today is composed of a number of people trying to compete with each other for power, and once they do get power, most of them tend to abuse it. Ken Kesey describes a similar scenario in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ; he describes the society, the rulers of the society, and their impact on the individuals’ behavior. The society is rendered as the ”Combine” by Chief Bromedon, the narrator of the story. The patients in the ward, including the narrator, demonstrate a group of citizens controlled by a cruel ‘dictator’, Nurse Ratched, accompanied by her aides. She comes up with the ward policies and laws, and imposes them on every single patient, until a protagonist, R.P McMurphy, enters the hospital. He tries to rebel against the abduction and power abuse of Nurse Ratched, and ends up being a victim of the Combine, paying for his deeds by his own life. Chief Bromedon describes the Big Nurse as a machine, who has no heart and no feelings for any patient in the ward; all she wants to do is to maintain her control and power. Any violence or rebellion is not tolerated by her at all, no matter what. “You are committed, you realize.. you are… under the jurisdiction of me… the staff” (127). These words by Nurse Ratched to McMurphy leave no doubt that she completely lacks the ability to compromise with her authority and power. At first when McMurphy shows a little sign of rebellion, the Nurse does not takes it into serious account and treats him just like she would to any other patient in the ward. Whereas, McMurphy continuously rebels against even the smallest ward policies, which includes not taking his medications by tricking the staff and also gambling in the hospital. But his minor revolts and mischiefs does not affect Nurse Ratched at all. She still maintains the control over the whole ward, and keeps her power intact as it had always been.
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