One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Scene Analysis

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The portrayal of nature in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, shows the contrasts of society as people strive to be perfect and fit in while also struggling to remain individualistic. The director, Milos Forman, uses various sounds to explain the oppressions of the ward while symbolizing the nature as freedom in the first party aftermath scene. He uses certain low shots combined with close ups to establish an order for which the viewer perceives certain characters, explaining the contrast between the leader against followers through power exchange. The use of mise-en-scene supports the difference between original behaviors versus forced behavior, regulations against free will. Through the use of nature sounds and machine sounds, low and high shot types and…show more content…
The first party aftermath scene starts with showing the window open, showing the outside. Birds can be heard chirping in the background and as a car drives by the ward. Cut to Taber lying on the floor as he slowly wakes up and sees the black boys walking towards him. Cut to the black boys walking down the hall as the camera pans to show their backs as they enter the room, creating a three-shot. Cut to Taber with a straight-on shot using a medium close-up. Taber becomes aware of his surroundings as slowly realizes where he was as he sits up and looks at the black boys. Cut to eye level shot of the black boys as they walk down the hall. The camera is on a dolly as it follows the black boys during their walk, creating a tracking shot. The camera cuts to a long shot behind the black boys looking at the aftermath of the party. Cut to a still shot of McMurphy lying on the ground, using a slight high-level angle shot. Camera shows McMurphy lying next to the open window with a beer bottle right next to his hand. There are two chairs next to McMurphy; one is sitting normal while the other is turned over. Various bottles and cups can be seen on top

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