An Observation of Slick Cut Barber Shop

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An Observation of Slick cut Barber Shop Troy S. Thomas Delaware Technical Community College Positive Description I woke up early Saturday morning trying to make it to the barbershop and once I got there the parking lot was filled with Cars. I drove to the back of the parking lot to find a spot and I found one beside a large SUV. After I parked the car I began the walk from the lot up towards the shop. Once I made it into the shop I walked up to greet the barber and ask him how many customers were ahead of me and he told me five. Then I went towards the back of the shop to use the restroom where the salon is located. As I walked through the salon I heard the softness of chatter and laughter coming from the women with blissful faces that seem to have no worries just carefree souls. Everyone was smiling as I walked through. I saw all ages of women from old and young that seemed to be high on gossip. After I finished using the restroom I return to the front of the building. I noticed that all the seats have been taking so I decided to stand against the wall which was covered with Philadelphia Eagle posters. As I stood there waiting patiently I began to chat with other customers about the latest status of different football teams. When one of the customers got called up I went over to sit in the black leather chair he was in. The black square table that was in front of me had magazines spread out on top of it. I reached over to read one of the magazines and I realize it was one that I had already read so I put it back. I decided to just watch the large screen TV that was hanging on the wall. After awhile I decided to listen to some music on my phone to block out the surrounded noise. When I finally got called up by the barber to get my haircut I told him to cut it low. Once he started cutting, he kept taking breaks to chat back and forth with other barbers in

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