Two Fishermen Essay

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Two Fishermen - Morley Callaghan Erin MacNeil Within the short story ‘Two fishermen,’ by Morley Callaghan, there are many symbolisms that help outline the plot. The clever usage of symbolism will help draw the reader in and assist in visualization. It also helps set the mood and describes a character or place. For example, the author says `The old jail with the high fence around it. Two tall maple trees, with branches drooping low over the sidewalk, shaded one side of the walls from the morning sunlight.’ This creates an atmosphere which is rather eerie; it makes the reader think of an old jail in which would usually be seen in a movie, it is definitely somewhere nobody would like to be. In Morley Callaghan’s story, he describes the villagers watching the workers at the old jail with ‘a crowd had gathered on the sidewalk by the lamp-post, and while moths and small insects swarmed the high blue carbon light, the crowd had thrown sticks and bottles and small stones at the out of town work men in the jail yard.’ This lets the reader know that these out of town workers were not welcome and adds an aura of tension. When Michael is going to the fishing pier, the author uses symbolism to add suspense. ‘..Michael Foster walked south of town on the dusty road leading to the power-house and Smollet’s fishing pier. He knew that if Mr. K. Smith wanted to get a boat he would go down to the pier. Fine powdered road dust whitened Michael’s shoes. Ahead of him he saw the power-plane, square and low, and the smooth lake water. Behind him the sun was hanging over the blue hills beyond the town and shining brilliantly on the square patches of farm land. The air around the power house smelt like steam.’ In the initial description of the hangman, Smitty, the reader gets a feeling that this man is rather queer and not self-confident. He is described as ‘a little fellow
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