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Alright well the 1st book I read over the summer is called “Exit Here” by Jason Myers . It is a teen fictional book . Before I started reading the book I read the foreword and two phrases that stuck with me were “There are no happy endings” and “This is not a love story.” The book is about a 19 year old guy named Travis Wayne. He is the son of the mayor, Lance Wayne. Before he left to Hawaii, he was a troubled some kid who was into drugs and alcohol. Travis left for a trip to Hawaii right before going to college and cuts off contact with everyone for 1 year. He loses touch with his best friend, Cliff, and his girlfriend Laura, which ruins his relationship with her and even stops talking to his parents. Travis comes back from college and returns home in…show more content…
He would try to spend time with his family but a question would always pop up about what he did in Hawaii and Travis seemed to get upset and tended to ignore the question and I asked myself why? Why does he ignore the question? But meanwhile, Laura found out Travis was back in town and she broke up with her recent boyfriend and started talking to Travis again later on in the story. Due to hanging out, going to the park, they ended up getting back together. Things seem to be going pretty well but a secret Travis has been keeping from Hawaii causes him to struggle with himself. He gets the same nightmare almost every night and feels like the only thing that helps him is by doing drugs and being back together with Laura. While Travis keeps his secret about Hawaii to himself, he finds out Laura has been keeping one too, one that will ruin their relationship for good. Throughout the book, Travis tries to build his life back up only to find it crashing down in the end. Just when you think something may turn for the better, it goes downhill and you think of the two phrases in the foreword that “this is not a love story” and “There are no happy endings.” To find out what Travis is hiding, and what his friends

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