Sheila Johnson's "The Day After"

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The main character in Sheila Johnson’s “The Day After” is a young woman called Darla. Darla has a boyfriend named John, but she seems to be keeping him at a distance lately, she wonders about their relationship and concludes silently to herself that the thing she likes most about John’s and her’s relationship is that it will not last, so she doesn’t have to care about it. Jon and Darla had sex last night, and their condom broke. They had to drive off to 2 different places, looking for a morning after pill. I cannot quite seem to comprehend Darla’s true feelings about the morning after pill though. It seems that she, in her own words is not prepared for kids, and the responsibility, but her body language seems somehow saddened when someone mentions the morning after pill, and she does not seem to be enjoying the ignorance for the facts that Jon seems to be radiating. Jon and she are set up for an event at one of Jon’s good friend Trevor’s place, where he lives with his wife Mandy and their son. When they arrive at the party, Jon quickly opens a beer and soon after another one, meanwhile Darla speaks with Mandy, who seems to be still a few pounds off her previous weight, which was still a bit over the top then. Mandy and Trevor have a pool and the men seem to be enjoying it. The men spur Darla into joining them in the pool, and she tries giving them excuses, she does not seem to want to join them in the pool. They keep pushing though and lastly she agrees to try borrowing a swimsuit from Mandy and is reminded by Jon’s helpless shrugging herself of Jon’s tendency to avoid sadness and conflict, under the excuse that it makes him feel helpless when other people are saddened or down. Another faulty part of their relationship or maybe just a fault of Jon’s, at least Darla seems to think Jon is the one creating the problems of their relationship. When she gets into the room

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