Young Adulthood Case Study

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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Study Danae Madden BSHS/325 June 02, 2015 Joyce Yip Green Young and Middle Adulthood Case Study Throughout one’s lifetime they experience many changes that impacts their life. It starts when we begin to make the choices that will help us establish an adult life. The choices start with deciding to go to college or get a job, finding a place to live and so on. We may not always make the right choices, which will create obstacles, that may be difficult, to overcome. Not only do the choices we make as a young adult lead our way through life, but also the things we went through in our childhood. Jackson, who is in a substance abuse program, has a history of trauma tracing all the way back to his childhood. He grew up in a single parent home, with only his mother and two siblings. Despite not having his father while growing up, Jackson’s mother’s boyfriend, Michael, of five years makes an attempt to fill the father role. Jackson has had a couple of relationships while in high school, which did not last long, due to his inability to commit. Once in college, Jackson was finding himself attracted to the same sex, causing him to move dorm rooms. Prior to an accident, Jackson was an A and B student, making the choice to go to school straight out of high school, despite having head injuries causing learning difficulties. After his accident, Jackson, started to drink with friends and abused his prescription pain killers. Jackson’s mom states that he rarely leaves his room and refuses to look for a job. Growing up with only his mother, gave Jackson no example of how to commit to a relationship, causing his lack of commitment to his previous relationships leading them to failure. With the lack of a father in his life, Jackson may be looking for a male figure to fill the void for him. While Michael makes an attempt to fill that role,
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