Executive Summary: Advocate And Mediator

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Advocate and Mediator Cyndi White BSHS/441 February 4, 2013 Joe Compton Advocacy and mediation are now being incorporated into the human service field, but what seems to be happening when both models comes together can become challenging. Granted ethical, moral, and legal challenges of the potential dual relationships are considered to be normal, there are certain methods that can be applied to help improve the tension that happens. Within this paper I will present my personal opinion on the integration of mediation and advocacy within the human service field. In addition, there will be an explanation of my personal philosophy and individual approach to advocating and mediation within the department of behavioral health will be given.…show more content…
The two parties will come to an agreement, yet the mediator will be the one to make the final decision. “It is the legal and ethical job of the mediator to keep all communication confidential unless otherwise specified” (The Association of Attorney-Mediators, 2013). The mediators should never chose between the two parties, or force the one of the parties to agree with the other one. Since mediator are suppose be neutral, their personal beliefs and values might become challenging for them, this is why they have to keep an open mind. There are legal, moral, and ethical issues that mediators will have to tackle when they have to deal with the parties conflicts. The main job of the mediator is to make sure that both parties are comfortable and know that their issues and thoughts are going to be heard. It is very important that the mediator remain bias at all…show more content…
Seeing how the department of behavioral health has been with my own two sons, has really taught me a lot. “Parent teen mediation is a helpful alternative that promotes healthy communication between parents and teen about their issues” (Petryshyn, 2004). Most parents are at a lost on why their child has behavioral issues, and that is why they will go and seek help from a professional. Mediation offers a safe environment for both parties involved to be able to communicate with each other, without having judgment. This will allow the parents to be able to talk with their teen about their behavior and why they are acting this way. The mediator will be there to help control the situation, and make sure that the communication goes smoothly. As a mediator in the department of behavioral health, my primary mission will to be finding a solution that will work for both parties involved. Allow both parties to take turns communicating with one another, without allowing conflict to happen. If the teen needs to be seen by someone that might be able to help control their behavior with medication, then they will be referred. Conclusion This paper has briefly described the challenges of being a mediator and or advocate, and the ethical, moral, and legal challenges that they face. It also expressed my own personal philosophy and individual approach to mediating within the department of behavioral

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