Aca and Aacc Comparison Essay

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Running Head: CODE OF ETHICS Code of Ethics Comparison Chandra Haliburton Liberty University Abstract Utilizing a code of ethics in an organization is critical,especially in the counseling field because it is used to protect the clients and provide counselors both contemporary and christian with requirements of their positions. The code of ethics of the American counseling association (ACA) and American Association of Christian counselors (AACC) are upon agreement on certain topics and this research allowed me to determine the differences and similarities when it came to the following topics: confidentiality,sexual relationship and conflict of interest. Introduction During our readings, we were informed that code of ethics provide broad guidelines for mental health practitioners. (Corey,2011). This assignment is determining the differences between ACA and AACC when it comes to their code of conduct.. The similarities and differences between ACA and AACC that stood out most were the differences between their views on confidentiality,sexual relationships between client and counselors and conflict of interest. Confidentiality Confidentiality and having the ability to confide in your counselor are the root of what counseling is all about. When it comes to the code of ethics for ACA and AACC there are similarities as well as differences. A counselor must not disclose information about the client to anyone without the clients consent unless it is provided by the law. It is the Counselors duty to inform the clients with clear restrictions about confidentiality. Both ACA and AACC state that the restrictions of sharing disclosed information is if the client speaks of suicide, harming someone else or any abuse that they are made aware of. Another similarity between ACA and AACC is that all client information should be withheld in a safe place out

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