Exceeding My Goal

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Exceeding My Goal Andres Alba ENGL 1301 James Gonzales 09/13/11 Exceeding My Goal Throughout my life, my family has always been an inspiration to me. As I grew up I saw other members of my family graduate, attended college and start their careers. Some members are in my desired field. My biggest influence is my uncle, Daniel Alba. It was a few years of hard work and determination to be where he is at. With the help of his education, he did not only enter as an entry-level agent, but as someone with better skills, qualities, and experiences. As of now, he is a Supervisor as a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent, in San Diego California. His influence has made me realize that I can become someone like him, or better. With the help of a scholarship, I believe I can not only reach my goal, but exceed it; to reach a higher level as a law enforcement agent. Between my sophomore and junior year, a program was available, outside of school, which really grabbed my attention. The Program was called CBP Explorers. I enrolled as soon as I got the chance. While attending the program, I developed character, good citizenship, and fitness; acquired training, knowledge of career requirements, opportunities to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and hand-on experience in federal law enforcement related activities. Throughout this program I learned the love I had for this career. It made me realize that I wanted to help, protect and make a difference. As a former employee, I have also obtained customer service skills, teamwork and problem solving skills. Dealing with different kinds of people, personalities; with different problems and change of pace, made me learn how to adjust to my surroundings, react quickly and not panic. El Paso Community College has helped me get a step closer to becoming a law enforcement agent. In ENGL 1301 with James Gonzales, I am
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