Examples Of Racial Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Natasha Villagra Ms. Pasemko ELA 10-1 May 21 2014 Racial Prejudice Expressing the notoriety of racial prejudice and the impact it has on society’s views as seen from social status, racism, and its treatment of coloured people. Harper Lee’s central idea of prejudice in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird is a theme to be noted and learned from. Stressful as it is the racial prejudice as seen in the novel is society’s critical judging of other people’s choices of clothing, behavior, and attitude towards problems that are part of our daily lives. Explaining the racial prejudice of the novel, the modern world and comparing them to each other are the three sub topics on prejudice. The racial prejudice of the novel demonstrates the treatment of black people and those who associate with them. White versus black is something that is going on for years and it has taken a large waste of time for coloured people to receive the respect they deserve from others, and it will take…show more content…
Examples of whites as superiors are the black slaves, whom are bought for enslavement labor when there weren’t enough white people to travel from Europe to work and the white settlers couldn’t put indigenous people in an equal amount of groups for work when there are plenty of jobs to develop the United States economy. Nazism is racism against people who are not white and are coloured, and people who follow different religions and sexuality to the current governing
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