Racism and Ethnicity

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RACISM AND ETHNICITY QUESTION: TO WHAT EXTENT AND HOW DOES INSTITUTIONAL RACISM OPERATE IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING, POLICING, SCHOOLING, HOUSING/URBAN REGENRATGION THE MASS MEDIA. The principle aim of this essay is to explain the impact of institutional racism and to what extent it operates in policing in UK. Racism is any negative actions or words that are aimed at demeaning other people denying them opportunities base on their racial background. The believe that other people have superior traits than other has led to the rise of racism in the society and that includes United Kingdom (Muji & Solomon, 2010). Institutional racism ensures that people of different races receive different treatment and opportunities in public services within the society and it also denied other things such as benefits, rewards that other individual might be entitle to in normal cases. People in powerful positions can use their race based stereotypes and conditioned behaviour to develop procedures and practices that put some racial groups at a disadvantage (Parekh, 2000) Institutional racism in the labor market is seen by the way companies, organizations and public institutions offer services, hire, promote and treat people of races to be considered inferior. Companies and organizations in the UK have proved that race plays a vital role in the provision of services to the public (Bloch, 2010). Culture, colour, and ethnic background remain a very fundamental factor in treatment of different people in the society. Focusing on the main essay,One institution that has remained controversial in offering services to the public is the police (Young and Mooney, 1999). The negative attitudes, stereotypes, and behaviour of the police favour the White race while putting people of colour and African at a disadvantage (Pilkington, 2003). There are stereotypes that people of colour always

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