Racism in To Kill A Mockingbird

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To understand the racism in this novel, we must first understand this novel illustrates the mistreatment, hatred and injustice towards African Americans in 1930’s. I will use examples from the novel to demonstrate these situations and examine culture in which they were acceptable. The beginning of black racism started when white people went to Africa and took captives and sold them in the southern U.S. Africa American started as possessions like animals—slaves. In the next 200-300 years, they suffered a life which a mankind can not bear anymore. They were forced to work without any payment. They only got a little food which could only support their life operation so that they would not die and keep on working on and on. They didn’t receive any education. They didn’t have any human rights. Such situations were all their life until the north defeated the south in the American Civil War in 1870’s. They got free by the new constitution released during the war. But the condition was not as good as people thought, the Africa Americans still were prejudiced especially in the southern U.S. Nowadays, although the situation has been improved a lot, Black man still get some bias form white people. The novel demonstrates many instance of mistreatment. Black people only get poorest jobs and hardest jobs. They are made fun of, not being respected. They don’t receive education and have the same rights compared with other. Perhaps one of the stronger examples of racism in the novel is the lynch mob. It is quite obvious that Robinson was not guilty, but he is still convicted anyway. Many racist actions lead up to the trial, actually encompass the trial, and these same actions are seen after the trial. She is racist enough to think that because Atticus is defending an African American, someone that he thinks is not guilty; it will harm her deep southern roots. This skirmish
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