How To Kill A Mockingbird Injustice

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Sylvia Guérin-Marion Stéfanie Arnold EAE2D1-02 Monday, 26 November 2012 The Ugliness of Evil Stories can have much effect on how people see the world. Stories tell people’s memories and their experiences in a unique point of view. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, many important values are shown and enriched, racism is very flagrant and substantiates all its cruelty and injustice, and all of that, told in an innocent child’s perspective. The worldwide bestseller by Harper Lee is a great example of a story that has profound effect on people. Values are a way of thinking, a way of doing, and more importantly, a way of life. Atticus Finch, father of Scout and Jem, lost his wife many years ago after an evil heart attack. After Atticus’s…show more content…
In this novel, racism towards black people is very present. Even if slavery had been abolished at that time, black people were still inferior to the white population. For instance, to identify coloured men, they called them “niggers”, which was even allowed in a court room while giving a statement (247). This observation clearly demonstrates how little respect white folks had for blacks. The name “nigger” was used commonly as if it had no pejorative signification. Furthermore, when Tom Robinson is being interrogated by Atticus in court, Scout states with surprise that “… [his] manners were as good as Atticus’s” (260). Even if Scout is not racist herself, she is exposed to all sorts of opinions coming from racist people in Maycomb. Her affirmation shows that she has been influenced by other people’s sayings. The fact that she has been influenced means that other individuals believe not possible for a black person to share the same manners and values as them (black people’s manners and values were not as worthy as white people’s in Maycomb at the time). Today, racism still very much exists, but less people believe that colored men are not respectable. Lynch mobs and segregation rarely occur anymore, and To Kill a Mockingbird makes the readers want to bring cultural inequality to an end, because it really illustrates that somebody’s culture or somebody’s skin color does not have anything to do with how respectable they are as a
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