African Americans 'Piccaninny Freeze'

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History Sources Analysis Task 1. Source 5, an historian’s account, discusses the Jim Crow laws. Two points that can be made about these laws are, firstly its stereotypical image of black people was that they had poor etiquette. This was because black people were seen in society as the lower class in comparison to white people. Secondly, the white people thought they were inferior and so they felt no shame in making fun of them at minstrels. 2. Source 4, an advertisement for watermelons from 1918 shows many stereotypical characteristics about African Americans. One view displayed is that black people are not worthy enough like the white people are in the fact that they have to “eat seeds ‘n all” because they are not wealthy enough to afford decent food. This is also conveyed through “Piccaninny Freeze” because the child is cold due to the fact she isn’t wearing any clothes. The caricature of the black boy is a representation of “Jim Crow” which was in the vocabulary of many whites and used as an act of discrimination towards blacks. 3.…show more content…
To a certain extent the views in source 3 support the views in source 1. Source 3 presents the views that black people aren’t as well educated as white people, so its better they don’t have to vote. Source 1 supports this view by even when there on a train they don’t have any rights they just get treated badly having no privileges. It does however contradict source 3 by relating to the fact that coloured people are not trusted in society and white people presume that their decisions will be incorrect. Both Sources 1 & 3 support the view of white people in the process of thinking in a racist way, for example they do not believe that they should have a right to vote and also they are not given the same privileges as white people. Although in saying this, both sources are quite similar in the fact that they both suggest that black people are discriminated from the white

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