Black Like Me

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BLACK LIKE ME PART A - Sociological Concepts and Illustrations NORM: A rule of expected behavior in any given situation . (Class Notes, SOCI 201, Fall 2011) ANOMIE : “ Anomie is the absence of norms” (Menzies, 1998:492) ALIENATION : “A feeling of powerlessness and estrangement from other people and from oneself.” (Kendall, Murray and Linden , 2000:244) IDEOLOGY : “ When people refuse to have their understanding affected by research, they have an ideology. (Menzies 1998:488) An example from Black Like Me of a Norm is that Negroes in the South are treated by the white population poorly and with detest. They do not have the same amenities, rights or opportunities. Pg. 45 “ All the courtesies in the world do not cover up the one vital and massive discourtesy that the Negro is treated not even as a second class citizen but as a tenth-class one. His day-to-day living is a reminder of his inferior status. He does not become calloused to these things- the polite rebuffs when he seeks employment: hearing himself referred to as nigger, coon, jigaboo; having to bypass available rest-room facilities or eating facilities to find one specified for him. (Griffin, 1996:45) This example is an illustration of the norm as it states that the Negro population is treated extremely poorly and includes racist remarks, cutting and defaming names for who the Negroes are. It speaks to the conditions they are subjected to, inclusive of what most people would take for granted, a place to eat and access to a bathroom. Another example from Black Like Me of a Norm, is when Griffin went to the bus station to purchase a bus ticket and the ticket seller did not even want to serve him or even look at him. Pg 50 “When the lady ticket-seller saw me, her otherwise attractive face turned sour,violently so. The look was so
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