Black Like Me Analysis

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Jim LaRose Professor Rollings Sociology 101 3/19/2012 The Social Construction of Parallel Worlds in the Jim Crow South There are two different worlds when it comes to White and Negro. They have different beliefs, different way of living, and a different way of treating people that aren’t the same. In the novel Black like Me it shows the reader the life style that black people had to live in the 1950’s. Racism was a normal thing back then and wasn’t dealt with the way it is now. Whites felt powerful and as if they were in control. They would spilt up public restrooms and give black people the broken down one, There was a rule white people go to white restaurants only and same goes for blacks, and even the children were affected by racism…show more content…
Griffin encounters his first controversy of being black on November 8, 1959. A man his stocking him while he is looking for an appropriate dinner for him to eat, the man is saying racial slurs and humiliating. After a while Griffin retaliates using martial arts and the predator runs away. Griffin use of resists is an example of Malcolm X morals of how to deal with racism. Griffin decides to make a trip to Mobile, Alabama on November 21, 1959 he continues his search for a job and is denied continuously. Griffin recalls the time when he was white and came to Mobile, Alabama and was treated with grace. With the help of his wife and family he stays strong with his journey and finds out how blacks use their family’s inner strength to overcome adversity. November 25 Griffin traveled to Montgomery which is the capital of Alabama. While Griffin was in Montgomery he was introduced to Martin Luther King Jr.’s beliefs in fighting racism. Martin believed in non-violence, and he said “The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.” Griffin was learning more than being black he was learning the life of a black man and how to live it from a black man’s
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