Martin Luther King, Jr. And How It Affected The Civil Rights Movement

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Describe the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and explain how it affected the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 1929. He was an African American that became a huge leader and he represents the civil rights movement in the United States helping others to be recognized and no discriminated by no one. The Civil Rights are a group of protections for some groups giving freedom and respect to everyone in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender against the discrimination by others. The civil rights are part of the human rights around the world. Kings job was to protected people from people that discriminated the black population for years. This iconic person followed nonviolent methods to impacted the country using peaceful theories that he thought were the best to do asking for peace and…show more content…
His strong beliefs in god made him a person that wanted to apply his knowledge to created solutions and endings to this world of hates between black and white communities in the United States. After he finished college he became a pastor full of passion to fight with courage against the injustice. He created a six point keys that became his Philosophy that helped to encourage everyone to defend their civil rights. The first point talked about nonviolence and manipulation of making believe the other person that he is the one that is in the wrong side, with love and patience this point became very important. Secondly, was formed after Rosa Parks refused to give her sit to a white man giving segregation to Alabama. Third, king always said that the problem was not between two races, black and white, the real evil problem was between justice and injustice that people created around this

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