The Discriminative Scholarship

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The “Discriminative” Scholarship Racism is an issue that will never completely vanish. It does not matter whether a person is White, Black, Asian, or Hispanic, someone will discriminate against them. It is true that all races have their downfalls, but they have their benefits too. For example, scholarships can benefit certain races. I disagree with Matt Daniels because the Anna Todd Jennings scholarship is not prejudice against minorities. Discrimination and racism are two horrible topics, most people would agree. What is disagreed upon is what qualifies as racism. The definition of racism is the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Based off this definition the Anna Todd Jennings scholarship is not being racist. Yes the scholarship is only for white people, but not because Caucasian is the superior race. Daniels says, “The Anna Todd Jennings scholarship is a subtle but nonetheless dangerous expression of racism”. This statement is false because if every race specific concept was addressed as racism, the world would turn mad. Most races have scholarships offered just to them, so having one for white people should not cause a problem. If an Asian person can get a scholarship for the sole purpose of being Asian, or a Hispanic person get one for being Hispanic, than white people should be given the opportunity to receive scholarships for being white. It would be prejudice not to make white-only scholarships. Daniels explains that certain groups of people deserve scholarships for what they have been through, as said in, “Earmarking scholarships for them is simply a means of restoring some measure of equality”. In the past women, African Americans, and others were treated unequally and deserved special treatment, but times have changed immensely and that excuse is no longer valid.
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