Racial Profiling Position Paper

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Christopher Taylor December 4, 2011 Philosophy Position Paper Racial Profiling I’ve come to believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with people forming preconceived notions about their peers or even total strangers none the less. These preconceived notions and stereo types are just ways our brain categorizes and/or tries to make sense of things which is not much of a problem. However, unlike stereo types or those pre-conceived notions, problem arises when racial profiling comes into play in which accompanied by bigotry. Racial profiling is immoral because it mentally abuses its victims by making people feel or believe that they are considered untrustworthy, an outcast, or stripped of their liberty. These negative inflictions are wrong! Untrustworthy can be felt by oneself when they are repeatedly being the first questioned by their employer when something goes wrong or…show more content…
When these actions of racial profiling takes away from your state of being free, power to do as you please, and in some cases your freedom from physical restraint; are in violations of your liberty making it immoral. In retrospect, what makes racial profiling immoral is the state that it leaves the victim in which is commonly a vulnerable one. This vulnerable state can consist of the feeling of being untrustworthy, an outcast, or stripped of his/her liberty. Everything about this goes against the way we should be treating each other morally regardless of our individual religious or personal

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