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“Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege” In Peggy McIntosh’s essay, she addressed several issues that are considered to be very important ones. She speaks of how whites are given hidden privileges, yet they don’t even realize it. I believe that the purpose for her writing this, was to bring out in the open the issues of oppression with regards to the dominant race and their “unearned privileges” that they are so oblivious to. McIntosh compared this situation to how men are more privileged and advantaged, and women are at a more disadvantaged state. In comparison, she also stated that men do indeed admit to a woman’s disadvantage, yet a man will not agree to being more advantaged, because they too are oblivious to this fact. McIntosh’s colleague, named Elizabeth Minnich, pointed out a very important fact. She stated that white people have instilled in their minds that they live their “lives as morally neutral, normative, and average, and also so ideal, so that when we (whites) work to benefit others, this is seen as which will allow “them” (races not pertaining to the dominant race) to be more like “us” (whites). McIntosh defines white privileges as unearned, even if it is an unconscious reality. She re-defines it as being misleading. She states that normally we define “privilege” as being a favored state, either earned or with luck, being born privileged. McIntosh explores the interlocking of hierarchies and determines that they are both active parties in oppression, because it is imbedded in both. The dominant race are imbedded in believing that there is equality, and that racism comes in forms of actual intent of harming and being mean to other not included in the dominant category. The non-dominant of the races are led to be “unconfident, uncomfortable, and alienated.” This is what the different social classes are brought up to

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