Examples Of Monstrosity In The Hunger Games

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Monstrosity: Medea & The Hunger Games A monstrosity can be defined in many different ways. The technical definition of monstrosity is something that is outrageously or offensively wrong. Now the question we really need to pay attention to is: what do we consider a “monstrosity”? Consider the killing of children a monstrosity. So this is where we may begin to question the characters of Medea from Medea by Euripides and the Capitol in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Although the comparison of these two books seems like an odd thing, if you look closely there are a few things you can find in common between Medea and The Hunger Games, such as the monstrosities that Medea and the Capitol commit by killing innocent children. Both Medea…show more content…
I say this because just like in The Hunger Games, with how the Capitol is convinced that their actions are justified, Medea has herself convinced that her act of filicide is completely justified. Her mentality is that of revenge. She believes that because her husband Jason has broken his oath to her, it gives her the justification for committing a mass murder. To exact revenge upon Jason she decides that she is going to murder his soon to be bride, the bride’s father, and at last her two children. In the book, after Medea talks about what she will do to the princess she tells the chorus “ I will kill the children—my children. No one on this earth can save them” (Euripides 35-36). When she says “no one on this earth can save them,” she lies., because she can obviously save them. She acts as if she has no other choice but to kill her children. Her mind is so set on revenge, which is clouding her judgment. Her need to exact revenge is so potent that, that is the only thing that is important to her along with making sure her enemies do not laugh at her. In the book she says “I will have the nerve to do this unholy deed. You see, my friends, I will not let my enemies laugh at me” (36). The fact that anyone would think revenge or their enemies is more important than your own child’s life is a
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