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Mariana Nicolau Medea is a very strong female character that exhibits many passionate characteristics throughout Euripides’s play. She is first introduced in the play by her nurse in a state of melancholy, suffering from the pain her husband has brought upon her. As the play begins, the reader pities Medea and she is seen as helpless Greek woman in pain and suffering from her husband’s betrayal. Medea begins to speak of the misfortune she would like to bring upon her husband and his new bride to be, which indicates that she is, in fact, a vengeful character. “… How I wish I might see him and his bride in utter ruin, house and all, for the wrongs they dare inflict on me who never did them harm!” (55) Medea resolves to avenge her self and make her husband Jason suffer more then she has in order to punish him. While Medea speaks to the Chorus of the role of women in their society and their great disadvantages she is seen as a heroine willing to avenge the wrongs done to women, which is a rarity during the given time period “Of all creatures that have life and reason we women are the most miserable of specimens! In the first place, at great expense we must buy a husband, taking a master to play the tyrant with our bodies…” (56) Medea is undoubtedly a feminist which emphasizes her strong and independent character. Her tendency to violence and ruthlessness however is evident at the start of the play when the nurse is prompted to predict that Medea may do harm to Jason’s new bride out of jealousy and harm her children because they remind her of Jason “I’ve already seen her glaring at them like a bull, as if she wanted to do something awful. I’m sure of one thing, that anger of hers won’t die down until someone’s felt the force of her thunderbolt. I pray her victims are enemies, not those who love her!” Medea is infamous for her acts of deceit within her

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