How Does Lady Macbeth Develop Throughout The Play?

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Lady Macbeth Essay When we first meet Lady Macbeth in Act 1 Scene 5, she enters by reading Macbeth’s letter which informs her of his meeting with the three witches and their prophecies for the future. She responds very differently to a typical woman of her time. She isn’t feminine. She is very determined for her husband Macbeth to become King and will do whatever it takes. But, she is afraid of his personality ‘too full o’th milk of human kindness’ and decides to take matters into her own hands. This is also the scene where we hear her first famous soliloquy which is ‘unsex me here’ when she calls on the evil spirits. Really, she wants to be the same as the three witches, but because of who she is, she has to repress all her inner feelings and her conscience in order to carry on with her plan to murder Duncan. She has to be two-faced. When Macbeth returns later in the scene, she immediately pounces onto him and tries to persuade him to murder the King and she says it in a very manipulative way. When Lady Macbeth says: ‘Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it’ She uses a recurring theme of appearance versus reality. This shows that she is a two-faced character and tries to persuade Macbeth to be the same. The use of language suggests that she is very demanding and will not stop at anything to get what she wants. In this scene we’ve found that she is a domineering and two-faced character through the phrase: ‘Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it’. [Act 1, Scene 6] Duncan enters the castle of Macbeth in Fife and Lady Macbeth greets him falsely. Although doing this, she then talks to him with respect ‘All our service, In every point twice done and then done double Were poor and single business to contend Against those honours deep and broad where with Your majesty loads our house’ When she says this, there

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