Hearts And Bones (Margaret Lawrence) Summary

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On October 18th of 1777, during the Revolutionary War, in New York, the soldiers of a Rufford Patriot division are sent to Webb’s Fort to search for the British enemies and destroy them. When they arrive in the village, they find the dead, mutilated corpse of their friend, killed by Loyalists. When the Patriots see them, they run mad and want to make them pay for their friend’s death. They murder old men and rape women and children. Then, they return to their hometown and leave behind them nothing but dead people… or so they thought. A little girl, Anthea survives, and later she follows them in Rufford, where she settles with her husband like nothing happened in Webb’s Ford. But in the inside, Anthea carries the guilt of her murdered family and she won’t find peace until the Patriots are all punished. She plans her death and he asks William Quaid, the only Patriot she trusts, to rape her and kill her. In a letter, she accuses three of them to have raped and killed her. The letter is found by Hannah Trevor, who decides to investigate because Daniel Josselyn, the father of her illegitimate daughter is one of the three men accused. Everything seems to prove his guiltiness, since the marks on Anthea’s neck match the imprint of his three-fingered hand. Another murder happens and Daniel is accused again, because the victim was killed with his sword. The murderer is actually William Quaid, who killed the man because he knew too much about Anthea’s plans. Quaid also kills Anthea’s husband because she wants to be free of him. Quaid also wants to kill Josselyn, so he can avenge Anthea, but Hannah finds the truth before he has the time to murder anybody else, and the killer is finally shot by Hannah’s cousin to save her and

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