Should the Death Penalty Be Reinstated in the Uk?

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Writing to Argue: Should the death penalty be reinstated in the UK? The death penalty is a controversial issue so I will be arguing about the comeback of the death penalty, if it should be reinstated it or not? The death penalty is sentencing to death of a criminal who has been found guilty of crimes committed that appeal the death sentence towards them. In the UK, this capital punishment was eliminated in 1965 due to some circumstances. It is used by a small number of countries like the US, Uganda, Egypt, Iran and Nigeria and there are many different methods of performing this horrific action. Some of the most common sort of ways to execute people is by the use of the electric chair, gas chamber, legal injection, stoning, shooting, firing squad and hanging are used to execute people. I am opposed about the restoration of the death penalty in every single case, no matter what the crime is, how bad the crime is, who the alleged criminal is, or what the planned way to execute them is – I am completely against it. I think it’s not a good idea to bring back the death penalty because at the end of the day, everybody makes mistakes, one of life’s many lessons is to learn from your mistakes, already the victim is feeling remorse, guilt and regret from what they have done each day, why make it worse for them? How would they be able to learn a lesson if there life is going to be over soon? Giving them a chance to live would allow them to reflect on themselves and their actions by changing and improving themselves. Furthermore, realising their consequences would encourage them to help others from committing crimes and staying away from things that would cause bad things to occur. In this way, it lowers the crime rates. If you look at countries without the death penalty like Sweden, they are still able to live comfortably. Research shows that “states without the
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