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Elizabeth Curley Mr. Flier Advanced Composition 16 October 2009 Bling Bling I was walking through the mall one afternoon shopping for new clothes. As I was coming out of Kohl's I walked right passed a group of guys. They were wearing oversized shirts, baggy jeans, and flat billed hats to the side. They also were wearing obnoxious jewelry that hung down to the middle of their waist. I walked past thinking of why someone would ever wear jewelry that is so painstakingly ugly. As I shopped for another two hours or so, I saw them again and I was even more curious to why they wore that style of jewelry. I came to find out that the huge jewelry is called bling. Bling is a hip hop expression that refers to flashy, ostentatious jewelry. Bling was first discovered by rap artists sometime in the late 1990's. The hip hop group Public Enemy was one of the first to start the bling trend. They wanted to start investing on the new fashion to focus on self-empowerment. Bling was said to have always been around, but during the formative years of hip hop, the phrase bling prospered greatly. Scientists have documented that fossils have been found with trinkets by their remains which can be considered bling of their time.…show more content…
Rings, necklaces, and watches are encrusted with precious stones that dazzle and shine, manifestly advertising the wealth of the owner. Wearing all three, a ring, necklace and watch is very common in the hip hop lifestyle. Bling has become so common that they came out with baby bling. Baby bling is said to be the ultimate show of wealth. You can find jewel-encrusted baby rattles and mink baby blankets, with prices in the stratosphere. Rapper Russell Simmons announced on the MTV show Cribs that he has a 14K pure gold toilet in his

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