Shepard Fairey Essay

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Shepard Fairey
Frank Shepherd Fairey is a contemporary street artist who was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1970. Shephard Fairey graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of fine arts in Illustration, and in 1988, graduated from Idyllwild Art Academy. Shepard first became known for his artwork “Andre the Giant and his Posse”, although this artwork was illegal and he had to alter the original, Shepard used many techniques and materials to change the way it looked. Shepard Fairey is a very creative man who used his ideas and processes in a way that no other person has, this is one thing that stands out about him. Shepard is the most prolific street artists in the world. Fairey grew up with many things that influenced his artworks and creativity, these were things such as; skateboarding, hip hop and punk/rock. These things influenced Fairey to produce his first well known artwork in 1989. He became very well-known and famous for his “Andre the Giant and his Posse” sticker campaign, in this artwork he appropriated images from the comedic supermarket tabloid Weekly World News. Shepard Fairey first believed that he wouldn’t be able to go very far in this career as he was white, and didn’t come from the Bronx, but one of the things that influenced him was the movie “they live”, he was so influenced by this movie because of how much it was against advertising. When Fairey began this career he started off with illegal work and occasionally he got into trouble with policeman. As soon as his artworks became viewed as artworks and he started to become more known, Shepard Fairey began to be asked for his work and eventually have gallery exhibitions, showing the work that was once illegal.
The way Fairey wanted to capture his artwork and display a meaning was to make art that didn’t have much explanation, in which this made the viewer of his art
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