Milton Hershey: A Brief Summary

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Milton S. Hershey grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country with his parents, Henry and Fanny Hershey. He lived around the time of the Battle of Gettysburg. He put all of his pennies in a tin can and buried them from the soldiers. His parents moved a lot so he went to seven different schools like Derry Church School. He worked at a newspaper shop when he was 16 years old. One day he dropped everything and he got fired. His father, Henry Hershey was upset and put on his hat and went to the newspaper shop to see if he could get his job back. Milton next went to work at Royer’s Ice Cream Shop and Garden because his mother thought he should learn a trade. He learned how to make candy and ice cream. He first went to work scraping ice off…show more content…
He soaked his hand in cold water and put his hand in the kettle of caramel and it wasn’t contaminated. The American Caramel Company wanted to buy the Lancaster Caramel Company from Milton Hershey. They offered him one million dollars for it. They wanted to give him five hundred thousand dollars in cash and five hundred thousand dollars in stock. When their lawyers met, they got it to one million dollars in cash. Milton accepted it and he was now a millionaire. In 1884 Milton Hershey won the Most Substantial Citizen from the Lancaster News. Milton Hershey got married on May 20, 1898 to a woman he called Kitty. They went on lots of trips together but Milton wanted to start a new chocolate factory. He had dreams of building his own town in his childhood town of Derry Church. He choice Derry Church because of all the farm land and cows he needed for the fresh milk for the chocolate. Grounds broke to start the construction when he came back from his trips. The first thing Milton Hershey built was his factory. On the two smokestacks, he put HERSHEY. He also planted bushes that said HERSHY’S COCOA. He wanted to build one fancy hotel that had everything the hotels he and Kitty had

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