Midtown Case Summary

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At 12:30 A.M. officer Terry Schield of the Midtown, MN police dept. was notified by the desk Sergeant to respond to a burglary call at Marquette’s Market on the corner of Main St. and First St. Upon arrival Officer Schield spoke with the owner of the store Speedy Marquette. After questioning Mr. Marquette, I was informed the alleged burglary took place between the hours of 12:00 A.M. and 12:25 A.M. Marquette stated a total of $910.00 had been taken from the drawer of the cash register. The money had supposedly been place in a tan cloth bag labeled “Midtown State Bank”. Also included in the missing $910.00 was a Canadian five-dollar bill. Mr. Marquette said the reason he returned to the store around 12:30 P.M. was because he had forgotten his…show more content…
Riff then began a card game with Ace Harte (professional gambler), Jacques Orbedder (Over the road trucker from Canada), and some other guys. Sally watched the game. About 10:30 P.M. Riff told Ms. Slick to leave and he would cal her when the game ended. Riff thinks he had won about $500.00 at that point. About ten to fifteen minutes after Ms. Slick left, Riff’s boss Vibes Blare came into the room and was upset to see Riff playing cards due to Riff owing Blare $50.00. Riff and Blare state Riff gave Blare $50.00 when Blare entered the room and said, “Vibes, the way things are going tonight, I’ll have a new guitar by tomorrow.” Riff went to Red’s office before leaving to ask for a bag to place his winnings in. He received a tan money bag from Red. There was writing on the side, but Riff cannot remember what it read. When Riff finally left Red’s he walked out the back door to the alley and saw Rusty Fender working on a car. Rusty asked, “How’s it going?” and Riff responded with, “not too good, Rusty.” Riff says he responded this way because he owed Rusty $100.00. Riff then saw Mr. Marquette in the alley and grabbed a hammer from Rusty’s shop for protection. Riff then tossed the hammer at the corner of First St. and the corner of the alley. Riff continued to run home and heard someone yell his name. He continued to run. Riff then saw Soapy Waters. He spoke…show more content…
The bakery is just south across the alley from Marquette’s Market. Mr. Ripple stated the night of the alleged burglary Ripple was working his normal shift, 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. At 12:15 A.M. Ripple took a break and walked to the alley to get some air. He then saw someone walk out of a door across the alley. The person walked to the southeast corner of the building and tossed something between the store and Art Owen’s hard ware store. Ripple recognized the person as Ronnie Riff, but when he said, “Hi ya Ronnie!” but there was no response and the person began running. Ripple stated he was not positive it was Riff he had seen. The person ran south on First

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