Evolution and Antibiotic Resistance Essay

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Evolution and Antibiotic Resistance To understand antibiotic resistance you have to understand what role each species has in creating antibiotic resistance today. In the article I chose the author talks about the different species and their role in antibiotic resistance. Physicians and scientist have asked for lower uses of antibiotics to slow the process of antibiotic resistance. They still continue to use antibiotics in things like water, and food. The first example is the prophylactic us of antibiotics in fish farms. This has led to more resistance bacteria strains which can transfer resistance to human pathogens. This in turn has promoted the evolution and spread of genes that are resistant regardless of their origin. Although the use of antibiotics by humans is not the only reason for the resistance problems, you can find strains of antibiotic resistance in fungi and bacteria that are in the soil. Our pets are reservoirs for carrying strains of antibiotic resistance bacteria that can be transferred to humans. For our pets they put antibiotics in their food for better nutritional health. This causes resistance to build up over time and for more resistance genes that are passed along to other animals and humans. The wild bird species carries many different antibiotics resistance bacteria’s. Migratory birds like the water fowl have the potential to spread the resistance bacteria over a large area, like water sources, and our soil. This spreads it to other species and makes then antibiotic resistant to the different bacteria’s. They also found that in the pre-antibiotic age that there were strains of antibiotic resistance gene’s been present before the widespread distribution of antibiotics. So this tells us that it can occur naturally in nature. It also tells us that it is important in nature. It is thought that microbial populations have levels of

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