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Karyssa Butterfield Period 3 12/16/2012 Genetically Modified Foods Use the website to familiarize yourself with genetically modified (GM) foods. Answer the questions below. 1. What is a GM food? Genetically modified foods are plants that have had their genetic characteristics altered. 2. What foods can be created by genetic modification? Sweet corn, rice, tomatoes, rape plants, and animals 3. Name 4 examples of genetically modified crops. Pesticide resistant rape plants, Insecticide sweet corn, golden rice which contains large amounts of vitamin A, Long-lasting tomatoes 4. Which genetically modified foods are sold now and where are they grown? Soya Beans, Sweet Corn,…show more content…
You will act as the spokesperson for that food trying to get consumers to buy your food. Include the following information: 1.Type of food Long-lasting tomatoes 2. How was the food genetically modified? It was modified to produce less of the substance that causes the tomato to rot 3. What is the benefit of the modification? Because the GM tomatoes can remain fresh longer they have time to ripen in the sun before picking, resulting in a better tasting tomato! 4. Three advantages of genetically modified foods Longer lasting foods can be more easily transported, Having extra vitamins in food help poor people from becoming malnourished or going blind, and the insecticides inside some genetically modified plants keep farmers from having to spray the whole place down with toxic wastes, and they also 5. A counter argument to one of the disadvantages of genetically modified food Some antibiotics can be transferred to humans and make it harder for us to fight infections, genetically modifying foods could potentially put farmers out of work, and some important insects could be at risk because of the insecticides in foods. 6. Picture of the

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