Everyone Deserves the Right to Affordable Healthcare

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ENGL 1050-265 Instructor: Daniel Toronto Everyone Deserves the Right to Affordable Healthcare Healthcare is a very hot topic across the world, and there are many different beliefs for what is best for individuals. There are numerous people without access to healthcare as well as people that cannot afford it. This is a large problem and the main cause of many struggles for individuals. Affordable health care for every individual would have both health and cost benefits. The United States healthcare system began after the year of 1920. This is because before then, doctors were not knowledgeable about diseases and therefore could not provide appropriate care for every individual. The only health insurance programs available were provided by big employers and were very minimal. The majority of individuals were treated in their own home and had to payout of their own pockets. However, when doctors began to learn more about diseases they then began to charge more for treatments. This ended up costing more money than many individuals could afford. Costs increased when new treatments began to require more technology so it was necessary for patients to stay in the hospitals. The first healthcare system was Blue Cross, which helped individuals pay for their hospital bills. It succeeded and became a stable program in the late thirties as doctors used it for a way to protect their own interests and bills. The great success of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield increased the amount of insurers to provide healthcare insurance. It then became more common for employers to provide health insurance and the government encouraged it with tax incentives. Furthermore, every individual is entitled to have the healthcare they need so that they are able to live a happy and successful life. Universal healthcare is a good way to ensure that every individual will get treatment. They

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