Evaluate the Impact of Your Previous Counselling Course on Your Personal and Professional Life

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I chose this course to develop my awareness of counselling and the techniques that are required. I wanted to see if I had the correct skills and knowledge, to offer a variety of counselling skills to my work colleagues or the students that I work with. Before the course I would have said that I had a lot of good qualities that are essential in counselling. Some of my strengths are that I am not judgemental, I can support unconditionally, I am a good listener and I am very attentive. Reflecting over the past weeks and assessing the impact of this course, I am now more aware that Counselling can help in a number of different ways. I have realised that at all time’s counsellors must show a commitment, and the client must feel reassured that their situation is probably not as despairing as they first thought. I have gained a great deal of knowledge on how to assist, understand and clarify with people on their views, also how to use the skills of counselling, for example paraphrasing, reflecting and summaries. Attending the counselling course has made a positive impact on my personal and professional life, in the way that I think, act and see situation, also the course has changed my perception of myself by making me more aware that it`s alright to say no when asked to do something I don`t what to do, I wouldn`t have classed myself as a people pleaser but working through this course I have become aware that from time to time I can be. The course has taught me to self-reflect, this has enable me to identify and develop personal awareness, Also the course has allowed me to be more aware on how to remain emotionally detached from the relationship that I will be developing with a client. The course has present many personal challenges, also an on-going opportunity to assess personal strengths, feelings, thoughts and limitations. In relation to other it has allow
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