Unit 513 Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes for Individuals ( M3)

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UNIT 513 POSITIVE OUTCOMES FOR INDIVIDUALS Dear shell i have thrown this together quickly so it may not be too good but hopefully will be ebough xxxx 1. As a manager it is vital that i support my staff team to achieve and demonstrate desirable outcomes with and for the people they support in whatever capacity.By outcomes I mean the specification of the differences that are intended to result from a given activity. 2. Approaches to outciome based practise should be open and transparent, it should involve all of the people supporting the person and the person should be in the centre of it all. Taking into account the opinions of others and listeneing properly to their input will encourage a healthy team and also give the person involved control of whos and what input they would like in their support. Features of effective team performance, are having the team interacting and empowering each other through discussion and suggestion, this enables the team through meetings and every day events to put ideas forward and develop them to see what works and what does not, as some people believe that they way they do things is the only way which is not the case. There are several challenges’ that can form between developing and established teams, as everyone has their strengths but with that comes some allowable weakness. When these are identified it is my job to nurture strengths and set goals to overcome any weaknesses I do this through observation, meetings, supervision and appraisals. Also through ongoing course work to keep up to date with legislation and any changes to legislation to comply with CQC 3. Essential Standards of Quality and Safety, 2010) highlights what the expected outcomes are to be and then identifies the specific regulations that would lead to meeting the outcome. It is very clear that outcomes are very important. What is

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