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Evaluate The Claim That Person Centred Essay

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  • on September 13, 2011
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Module 1 Essay

‘ Evaluate the claim that Person- Centred Therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients’.

I will start by discussing a brief history of person centred therapy and of   ‘Carl Rogers’ theory of actualization and how it differs from other therapies theories and how by combining different theories gives the therapist more tools to treat clients.

I shall continue with how he believed by providing three core conditions which he believed to be needed to be present to bring about change and how creating this environment/ situation can be difficult. Then I will discuss in more detail his theory of the personality and terminology used by Rogers and how this view point held is different to other therapeutic models.

I will conclude with additional pluses and minuses of the client centred method of treatment & whether it provides all that a therapist needs to treat clients.

Psychotherapy began as psychoanalytical in nature, thereafter the behavioral model of treatment started to come into fashion. This was proceeded by the person centred therapy developed by ‘Carl Rogers’ which falls into the humanistic therapy category. Whilst this and other humanistic theories and prior methods of treatment have continued, additional methods such as Cognitive therapy have emerged along with an eclectic therapy, where more than one method is used.

‘Carl Rogers’ focused on what he believed was each person’s desire and drive for self improvement and how he believed that each person possessed a natural desire to actualize their full potential and in essence wanted to achieve being the best that they could be. Once someone has reached self actualization they are fully satisfied with whom they are and feel they have reached their full potential and are able to help others as they no longer have a concern to be who they want to be.

The main difference between the psychoanalysis approach and person centred approach is...

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