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Ethnocentrism Zoreda A. Kennon AIU Online Abstract This essay covers a comprehensive overview of the concept of ethnocentrism. Through the reaction of the film, The Return (2003), my view of cultural differences are reflect that what I perceive as a superior culture is not the same in other countries. Through personal experiences of living and travelling abroad, adapting to local customs makes the experience exceptional. Coverage of how the effect of ethnocentrism with individuals, societies, and how ethnocentrism effects multinational corporations (MNC’s) is been noted and analyzed how others perceive cultures that are different from their own. When MNC’s learn to adapt to host-nation’s cultures, acceptance for change is easier for them to adapt. Ethnocentrism For this assignment, I chose to view “The Return”, a movie that was produced in Russia (2003). For intent and purposes, this movie was not one that I would have normally selected to view. This 90-minute film is a story about two brothers raised by their mother and grandmother. After a twelve-year absence, the father returns. The father and two sons embark on a trip to go fishing, however, along the trip the father has to complete a job to retrieve a box from the island he takes the boys to for camping and fishing. Along the way, the younger son (Ivan) becomes very resentful in how his brother is accepting their father back into their lives. Due to his behavior, the father is strict with him and the treatment that Ivan receives is very harsh. At one point of the movie when Ivan complained about having to stop fishing to go to another location, the father stops on a bridge, removes the fishing rods, and pulls the son out of the car. The father gets back into the car and proceeds to drive away, leaving Ivan on the bridge. Ivan stands there, becoming very irritated and mad that his father

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