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Analyse how both internal and external conflict were important to the text as a whole. The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir, is a film that revolves around the protagonist Truman The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir, tells the story of a man called Truman who is the main protagonist in the television series called The Truman Show. At the beginning Truman becomes unhappy with his "ideal life", seeking change and excitement in his life. We see the arising of conflict within Truman and a growing unhappiness. In this essay I well discuss and analyse first how the internal conflict Truman experiences drives him to search out more freedom, and later how his conflict with Christof, (the director of the Truman Show), culminates in the change he is seeking and freedom. This is why the conflict was important to the text as a whole. Initially, we are shown Truman leaving on a ship. When he is walking across the port, he looks down and sees a dingy; we see a flashback of him as a little boy and his father in a dingy fishing. His dad drowns when Truman lets go of him. We then see Truman on his knees crying. Back in the present, he thinks about leaving Seahaven village but this incident made him depressed and he becomes self-conscious. "Finally I came up with the concept of Kirk's drowning."This is clearly a moment of internal conflict and what follows later when Truman sees his father again on the street intensifies the impression of conflict. Truman is unable to talk to his father, who is whisked away by the crowd. He is left more confused and full of questions than ever. This illustrates the significance of internal conflict in the development of the text and Truman's story. Later, in the middle of the film, we are shown Truman experiencing conflict with Meryl (his wife). He is sitting at the dinning table while Meryl is unpacks the groceries. She picks up

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