The Old Man and the Sea Analysis 1

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What does the old man have to prove? The old man in The Old Man and The Sea must prove to himself and the rest of the fishing community that he is still a good fisherman. The old man has gone over eighty days without catching a fish and has a record of having gone 87 days without catching a fish. Everyone believes him to be unlucky because the people around him are still catching many fish. The boy in the book is strategically placed to contrast the man’s old age by his youthful tendencies. The old man must prove that he his just as good of a fisherman as he was in his youth. He believes that even though he is not as strong as he once was, his superior knowledge and skill is enough to make him a good fisherman. Hemmingway writes, “I am a strange old man”, and the boy replies, “But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish?”, with the old man replying, “I think so. And there are many tricks”(Hemmingway, 3). This shows the old man acknowledging that he is not the fisherman that he once was and how he will have to rely on his experience to reel in a prize of any sizable magnitude. After a day and a half of the fish dragging the old man out to sea, it is imperative that the old man eventually reel the fish in. If he does not eventually land the fish, he lets both himself down, as well as the boy. He is also proving that he does not need to new modern equipment such as a speedboat or radio, in order to land large fish and bring them

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