Summary: From Ragged Dick

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Richard hunter also known as Dick stated to look for a position in a counting room, but still engaging half of the day to blacking boot because he didn’t want to want to use his $100 capital. After all, he didn’t even want to pay off his friend who served him as an instructor. Gradually, his slang language had been improved by his education and his friendship with Henry Fosdick. After several unsuccessful attempts in finding a job, Dick started realizing that he should be stick to his career for now. Since he started balancing more than his capital, he considered himself as a young man of property. Therefore, he thought that he deserved a break from business. Since his friend was going to short trip on a boat for the sake of his work, Dick decided to go along. It was about that time Dick was about to have a chance getting the job he was looking for. There on the boat a suddenly an accident happened. Incautiously stepping on the edge of the boat, a boy dropped off the water. The boy’s father was panic because he didn’t know how to swim. The father was willing to pay $10.000 for anyone who can save his beloved son. Since Dick was a good swimmer, he was not hesitated to help the boy who was sinking deeper into the water. With great effort and willing, he was able to save the life of the little boy. The father of the boy was very grateful and happy. To show his contentment, the father offered dick a beautiful, expensive suit. Dick was so happy because he was about to meet James Rockwell who formally invited him to visit his accounting room. When Dick arrived at the accounting office, he was welcomed. James didn’t really how to pay off dick for saving his friend life; therefore, he asked dick how he can help him. At that time the boy explained James the difficulty he had in finding a job in a store or accounting office. Once Dick was considered qualify for the
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