Parrot in the Oven

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Growing up is the struggle all people must strive through in order to become who we are. Manny Hernandez is the protagonist in the coming of age novel Parrot in the Oven, by Victor Martinez. Manny is a smart yet naïve, hardworking boy desperate for a girl to like him. He lives with his tidy mom and alcoholic dad, his older sister Magda and younger sister Pedi. By the end of the book Manny soon discovers his love for his own life just the way it is, through the struggles of growing up. Victor Martinez uses the writing strategies interior monologue, dialogue, and action to create the character Manny Hernandez. Martinez uses interior monologue to characterize his protagonist Manny. As Manny observes the Mexican field workers he says “for some reason I thought he was the best man on the field” (17). This suggests that Manny also admires other people with good work ethic, and sympathetic to the Mexican immigrants. While talking to Mr. Hart Manny says to himself “Too embarrassed to tell him that attending another school was just a dream of my mom’s... another one that probably wasn’t going to hatch…” (43). This shows Manny doesn’t share personal thoughts with his teacher. After the boxing match Manny has an epiphany “the whole fight shouldn’t have been given so much meaning…” (138). This shows Manny feels apart of his Razo, but not ashamed because he sees the situation more deeply. After being called out at the party “… I saw the reflection of a ridiculous boy. It was me looking at myself…” (181). This reveals Manny just realizes who he was at the time. When sitting in his living room Manny realizes how “wondrous” his family and home are (216). This shows the point where Manny finally accepts his own life for what it is. Next, Martinez keeps the reader engaged for further understanding of Manny by using dialogue. When Manny goes to his school to gather his grades, Mr.

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