A Literary Analysis Of The Story 'A & P'

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Dontae Davis Professor. Reibman A & P Analysis English 151c Section 09 A & P is a story about a young guy name Sammy who works at a Grocery Store. One day while he was working and they had bathing suits on. Sammy being your normal teenage boy starts to analyze them one by one describing them everything from their features to personality traits. He takes a keen on Queenie; a name he made up for one of the girls. He calls her Queenie because he says the she seems like the leader of the pack. For a majority of the story he describes Queenie and her sisters as they walk up and down the aisle shopping. Finally the girl’s checkout Queenie is the one who is paying which makes him happy. The events that are about to happen…show more content…
A girl I may never see or come into contact with again? My answer would be silence. I do not agree with what Sammy did for a several of reasons. One he is 19 year old boy. Any 19 year old I know wants independence. He is ready to get a place of his own. So we can guess that he really needs this job. He might be working to save money for an apartment. Two I think he seems like the type of boy that lacks female attention. So he thought quitting his job might get Queenie’s attention. Three I’m a basketball player quitting to me is a sign of weakness. I could never do what Sammy did because a girl comes and goes. A job is something that if you find one your whole life you’re a lucky person. The fact that his parents kind of got him the job shows how hard it might have been. Another reason could be that maybe he thought it was cool. I could never do this is because anywhere you go there will be a boss that makes you upset. Who’s to say if he were to get another job that his next boss would confront a girl he takes liking to and he quits that job too. That would create a bad reputation for him. That would make his job hunting hard. A boy at his age should know better than that. Finally I strongly disagree with this because a job to me is one of the things it takes to be a man. In conclusion A & P was your normal coming to age story. A teenage boy trying to show he was a man. It just so happened he didn’t get the girl in the end. All he got out of it was a little self-confidence. In his time quitting your job may have been ok but in my time it’s not cool to do so. The choice he made to quit his job was not appropriate for a guy of his age. There is a lesson to be learned from this story. “ Think before you

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