Punishment Essay

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In the story “The Strangers That Came to Town” by Ambrose Flack, the Father decided to punish his sons, Tom and Andy. In order to become friends with the new family, the Father and his sons, Tom and Andy, decided to go fishing with the Duvitches. While the Duvitches were busy doing their own thing, Andy decided to play a rotten trick on them. “We held a brief whispering conversation; and then, egged on by him and quite willing on my own, I played a shameful trick on the Duvitches, the memory of which will come back to the end of my days to plague me. Without considering further, I dropped the cake of soap into the tub of fish.” (Flack 6) Because of Andy’s trick, he ended up poisoning the Duvitches large supply of fish. This tub of fish was all that they had to eat for the next week, so their Father reprimanded them. The method that the Father used in order to punish his sons was more than justifiable. The Father disciplined his sons by making them realize that their actions were terribly wrong and he then made them make up for those actions. After their punishment was over, the sons regretted what they did and became friends with the Duvitch family. If the Father hadn’t punished them, the sons would have kept playing pranks and bullying the Duvitch family. The sons were also able to realize that they should not judge others just because they are poor. The Father was able to teach his sons a great lesson that they would be able to use for the rest of their
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