Ethics Reflection and Values

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Ethics Reflection and Values The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (Williams, 2006) provided me with feedback referencing my values. Upon completing the assessment a summary was provided which sketched my ethical perspective and style. The inventory most closely aligns my ethical profile with (R) Results. My ethical perspective is based on the results or consequences of my actions. The assessment says that in my opinion, what truly counts in reaching an ethical decision is the “bottom line” (Williams, 2006). Analysis of my ethical style says that I believe that each of us has a moral right to experience the “good life.” Therefore, my approach to ethics is likely to focus on what could be done to improve the well being of the greatest number of persons (Williams, 2006). I agree with both assessment indicators and the descriptions relate very closely to me. One section lists frustrations faced by those who have the “results” style when addressing ethical dilemmas and they appear to narrate my behavior well. A couple is listed: “People who cling to the idealistic notion of protecting the interests of some minority of the population may stand in the way of achieving the good life for the majority” (Williams, 2006). AND “What is best for the greater good of society may not be best for you” (Williams, 2006). Ethics at Kudler Fine Foods After reviewing Kudler Fine Foods policy and procedures along with the employee handbook, I have come to the conclusion that Kudler Fine Foods seems to be ethically sound toward employees and customers. The handbook makes known what is expected of the employee as well as the customer’s importance. What I did notice was that Kudler Fine Foods does not offer Ethics Training. The organization offers EEO and Sexual Harassment Training but nothing mimicking Ethics Training. An Employee at Kudler Fine Foods As an employee at

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