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RUNNING HEAD: Ethics Self-Assessment on Kudler Fine Foods and Personal Values Ethics Self- Assessment on Kudler Fine Foods and Personal Values Fatima Atabey March 30, 2009 University of Phoenix The EAI states that my ethical perspective is based on "…an individual's duty or obligation to do what is morally right…" (WIEM, 2003). ABSTRACT The focus of this paper is to evaluate my individual Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment and my personal values compared to the management values at Kudler Fine Foods. Ethical decision making involves three components-awareness, articulation and application. It also provides the values a management team should place on an organization,…show more content…
The term value has been defined as an enduring prescriptive or proscriptive belief that a specific end state of existence or a specific mode of conduct is preferred to an opposite end state or mode of conduct for living one's life (Swift, 2008). Sometimes people will be in conversation and ask, “What does he or she value the most?” In this case scenario, what did Kudler Fine Foods manager Kathy value most? According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory [EAI] (Williams Institute for Ethics and Management [WIEM], 2003), "[My] ethical perspective is most likely to be based on obligation, and…least likely to be based on equity." The EAI states that my ethical perspective is based on "…an individual's duty or obligation to do what is morally right…" (WIEM, 2003). In other words, I judge a person based on his actions and not the results that may come from said actions. In my line of work I do (nursing), I share the same belief that the [EAI] states. All nursing professionals share the belief that our patients are human beings and must always be treated with the respect they deserve. Human beings are entitled to basic rights, and therefore, our actions must respect the rights of others:"The ends…show more content…
Moreover, a belief that people have a moral obligation to do the “right” thing leaves little room for compromise. Sometimes peer and management do not always what to do what is “right.” The person who does is mocked and their peers become jealous of them. In today’s society, ethics and one’s personal values diminish more and more with each passing day. In my view, the Kudler Fine Foods (KFF), needs to continue to be more diligent in detailing the type of actions they plan to initiate and the expected outcomes for potential result. An important feature for keeping a company up is being aware of the competition factor. Kudler has established their personal goals and business aspirations. This is what Kathy and the organization need to focus upon. The organization values a need for stronger personal goals. How does Kathy do this ? She needs to share what she values and her ethical beliefs with her employees. The strategic plan reflects potential for the company’s growth , but what about what her employees’ goals for the company. Kathy values creating gourmet foods. Although she

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