Ethics Game Reflection: Right And Responsibility Lens

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Ethics Game Reflection Garry Frazier ETH/316 September 19, 2012 Jeffrey Wisdom Ethics Game Reflection Recently two ethical games were played for the purpose of helping the modern employee recognize certain criteria’s in making ethical decision in the workplace. Examples of these criteria’s are identifying the issues, the steps that were taking when addressing those issues, what perspectives did the person use when making the decision, how did the steps influence the final decision, and finally can the concepts from a hypothetical simulation get applied to everyday work life in reality. The first simulation was called the Mysterious Roses, and from the exercise along with skimming the text, the understanding is that an employee has a dilemma, on whether or not to…show more content…
In this lens it is taught to focus on the processes, and the systems needed for an ethical organization. The difference between the first two lens discussed is that the Right and Responsibility Lens, and the Results lens focused on the individual, the Relationship lens focuses on the community. However in the relationship lens it has a few more concerns, such as how to protect the basic liberties of all people. These liberties are broken down into rights such as; The right to notice, The right to voice, not to veto, The right to have contracts honored. The Relationship Lens helped influence my decision by giving us a process by which basic liberties can be protected. For example design a policy for dealing with complaints that includes an opportunity for the person who is being accused exists, so that they have the opportunity to tell their side of the story. The final lens is the Reputation Lens which is a self reflection lens that allows the person to view him or herself, in technical form exploring the virtues that are important for

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